Project 2010 #22

Day 22. A bit boring Saturday for me. I noticed the Sinulog hat on my way to my room to watch movies in my brother’s laptop. I realized I just set the hat aside since I bought it, so I brought it to my room and let one of my teddies wear it. 😀

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Project 2010 #16

Day 16. My photo for this day is my shoes! (hehehe), I wore during the Solemn Procession, it helped ease the pain in my feet during the Fluvial Procession.

I woke up early for the Fluvial Procession, (that’s is why I wasn’t able to take a photo for yesterday’s!). Eric and Dexter were with me during that time, after the fluvial we went to the Basilica to attend mass. Our plan is to take some photos of the Re-enactment of the times when Sto. Niño first brought here in Cebu, and unfortunately we were not able to go inside the pilgrim plus we don’t have high end zoom lenses, so we just stayed at the sides.

(a view during the fluvial procession where the people
are waiting for Sto. Niño and Virgin Mary as well as Joseph)

Went home almost got wet, but still on the spirit to go to the Solemn Procession.

(i took this one at Elizabeth Mall’s display while
Dexter and I were looking for food while waiting for Erik..hehehe)

After the Solemn Procession we went again to the Basilica to attend the pontifical mass. Second time for me to attend mass in one day..whew!

(despite the very little space because of the crowded people,
I’m glad I still managed to take this one! Viva Pit Senyor!)
It was really very crowded that Dexter and I witnessed many emergencies, and grateful that we were not the one being rescued (heheheh), glad that I brought my alcohol with me and just smelled it in replace of white flower…hahahaha…I was afraid I might get fainted as it was really very very crowded that I can barely feel the air… After the mass, fireworks display made us all forget how crowded the place was.
(got neck pain because of this…but worth it…hehehe)
As planned by us (Dexter, Erik and yours truly) we are going to dance in the Traditional Sinulog Dance after the pontifical mass. Erik wasn’t able to make it with us, so Dexter and I went to the center of the pilgrim and just followed the crowd and viola!!! we were able to reach at the front and dance in the altar…hahahaha…
(first time to dance in the altar…hahaha..such an experience!!!)
It was another great Sinulog experience for me! From the fluvial procession (my first time to witness the celebration), solemn procession (rainy but solemn, first time to see the Sto. Niño passed me by), to the traditional sinulog dance (first time to dance in the altar). I thank God, I was able to survive it! 😀 Pit Senyor!
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Sinulog 2010 Experience

Last January 9 and 10, went photo shoot in Sinulog sa Lalawigan and Sinulog sa Kabataan. It was a very hot and tiresome days, but for me it’s worth it. I get to experience for the first time to photo shoot Sinulog on the streets.

Here are some of my shots! I don’t mind winning or losing, as long as I get to enjoy this first time experience being part of the Sinulog celebration, experience the colorful festivities in the streets under the heat of the sun, and with very tired feet.


I’m excited for the Sinulog Grand Parade this coming Sunday! Lots of things to expect, and surely this is going to be fun!

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Project 2010 #2

Day 2. I wasn’t able to post yesterday, got really very tired on my yesterday’s appointments. Got up early for the Sinulog registration for photo contest. weee…

(no name yet, i still haven’t found a pentel pen.. :D)

This is really is it. I wished for this last year, and now…I’m joining it. 😀

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