A Triple Birthday Celebration…

… that end up in a self-portrait session! Hehehehe! Just kidding! 

Yesterday, was Ricci’s birthday and I thought I’d ran out of ideas to make his birthday quite special, even asked my friend Zhylah. It was almost end of work day that an idea popped out. Good thing Ricci will not be at home until 12 midnight, so just in time for me to prepare what I have in mind and just in time for his day! Head on to Spotlight to buy some balloons, then to Fair Price to buy additional ingredients for my special spaghetti (sauce recipe care of my friend Zhylah).


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On Self-Portrait and Weekends

It has been a lazy past 2 weekends for me; went out for two days trying to find what I really want. I’m just kidding! I went out to be with myself. I am not a loner or so, I just want to be alone, be with myself once in a while. It was really lazy that I didn’t get to take some photos for my Self-Sunday project. I hope I’d be able to catch up this weekend and the next weekends to come. *wink*.

Anyway,  last Friday night, instead of going out – I haven’t had that social life, since I went out of the country to work – I cleaned my room, and prayed the rosary and novena to Sto. Nino. I missed doing this together with Ricci. Like every Friday we use to go to Basilica del Sto. Nino to attend Friday mass. 🙁 I miss it. After doing all these, I took my tripod and shoot.  And what other subject would I take for my shoot? Myself! Hahhaha!

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