A day that was…

“This is your 30th birthday self-portrait!”

… one of my room mates jokingly said. I remember I sometimes tell them all of a sudden that I never got my 30th photo of me. So when we got the chance to go to this place (for me second time around) I took my pre-birthday self-portrait. Well after actually convincedĀ them to have a photo shoot for a change for new year… a post-new year photo shoot actually. šŸ™‚


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Remind Me: Stay Calm

Sometimes I can’t help but worry of some things randomly. There are days that I feel so down some days I feel so high. Some days I cry, some days I laugh. Some days I’m bored and some days I’m excited. Some days I blame myself for not holding on a little bit.

But all these days, I keep telling myself to stay calm, no matter how uncertain life ahead would be. Stay calm, no matter how chaotic your mind seem to be.

Because it is in staying calm that you’ll find inner joy and contentment and have the courage again to stand up and fight.

14/52 Stay Calm – Part of the 52 Self-Portraits in FlickrĀ 


Some of the images can be found in my Flickr account.

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A Triple Birthday Celebration…

… that end up in a self-portrait session!Ā Hehehehe! Just kidding!Ā 

Yesterday, was Ricci’s birthday and I thought I’d ran out of ideas to make his birthday quite special, even asked my friend Zhylah. It was almost end of work day that an idea popped out. Good thing Ricci will not be at home until 12 midnight, so just in time for me to prepare what I have in mind and just in time for his day! Head on to Spotlight to buy some balloons, then to Fair Price to buy additional ingredients for my special spaghetti (sauce recipe care of my friend Zhylah).


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth of Perception + Me and the Bears + What’s Cookin’?

Hello World!Ā (programmer’s first example)Ā How’s your Tuesday? I’m quite sleepy already but work and personal stuff keeps me awake that ended up to this yet another vain session.Ā Teeeheeee!

Me? Well, tired but thankful for the work…missing someone but thankful in a way that we get to miss each other…sleepy but forced myself to get up from the chair and grab the camera and tripod and started clicking the shutter. There are a lot of things in mind lately, ideas that haven’t got the chance to put it into action. Ideas that are stuck in my mind and sometimes turned out to be just passing by. I’m glad tonight’s ideas didn’t turn out to be one of those passing by ideas. =))

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