{Portrait Session} : Kristine

It’s easy to let days fly by without taking notice to the world around you. Life is beautiful. Soak it in, think about it and be grateful. ~ Unknown

This is a very late post, I know and I owe this lady a heads up for bravely posing for me despite a few people in the gardens. This was an instant plan when one Friday night, Kristine and Ruby (they are my colleagues) SMS’ed me while I was strolling at Orchard. I went with them after window shopping. I realized during one of our conversations, that my weekend will be quite boring as Ricci was working, so I invited Tin to have a photoshoot at Botanical Gardens (of course, my fave place in the entire universe!!! hahaha!). And boy, glad she didn’t have any appointments in the weekend (she is a very busy lad), so the plan was set. 


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A Triple Birthday Celebration…

… that end up in a self-portrait session! Hehehehe! Just kidding! 

Yesterday, was Ricci’s birthday and I thought I’d ran out of ideas to make his birthday quite special, even asked my friend Zhylah. It was almost end of work day that an idea popped out. Good thing Ricci will not be at home until 12 midnight, so just in time for me to prepare what I have in mind and just in time for his day! Head on to Spotlight to buy some balloons, then to Fair Price to buy additional ingredients for my special spaghetti (sauce recipe care of my friend Zhylah).


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