[Personal] Happy Birthday Love

Warning: This post is contains the vainest photos of my husband. Hahaha! He is not actually a selfie kind of guy, he just happened to have more self-confidence than me when it comes to posing in front of the camera. We’ll I guess that’s why we are perfect match, I hold the camera he does the posing. LOLz!

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A Triple Birthday Celebration…

… that end up in a self-portrait session! Hehehehe! Just kidding! 

Yesterday, was Ricci’s birthday and I thought I’d ran out of ideas to make his birthday quite special, even asked my friend Zhylah. It was almost end of work day that an idea popped out. Good thing Ricci will not be at home until 12 midnight, so just in time for me to prepare what I have in mind and just in time for his day! Head on to Spotlight to buy some balloons, then to Fair Price to buy additional ingredients for my special spaghetti (sauce recipe care of my friend Zhylah).


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Birthday at the Beach (Tungkop, Minglanilla)

Last Saturday, was my Tiyo Doming’s 66th birthday. His family celebrated it the next day, Sunday, and we are invited. ^_^ . We first went to Pit Alo church in San Fernando, and then went back to Minglanilla, at Palm Beach. My shots went about 500, and sad to say, you can’t view all of them. I will just take the ones which I think will interest you. :D. It took 500 shots, because as a wannabe photographer, you have to shot as many times as possible until you get the best…hahaha… sige lang..daku bitaw ang memory card..hehehe..

Enjoy viewing…

My mama wondered if it’s really Pitalo or PitAlo? This is in San Fernando, Cebu.

Just before the mass had started, I took this picture. A child looking for somebody? or he just got nothing to do?

Palm Beach in Tungkop Minglanilla. At the seashore, it seems as if the place or sea is quite dirty. But when I took this picture, the true color of the sea sparkles. I guess you just have to look at the farther area to appreciate the place.

Pinoy jud! And tindahan ni manang naa na sa baybayon. Payter!

Ang puso dili jud mawala sa dagat. In English “Hanging Rice”? True?
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Baby’s Day Out

Pictures of babies that I get to have the chance to take pictures with. They are awesome, coz I think they liked it.

They call this little boy, Go Jon Pyoo. The leading man of the Korean hit series, Boys Over Flower 😀

This is my sister’s friend first son.

This is RC. She loves to pose and very “tabian”. She even told me, “Madaot na imong mata sige ka li-li ” she is referring to my camera.

And the birthday boy, Joross. He just can’t resist on blowing his candle during his birthday party. He did the blowing of the candles with my mama, sister and his friend RenRen. Poor boy, mga bisita kay nanglakaw na..he hadn’t blown the candle yet. 😀
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