A day that was…

“This is your 30th birthday self-portrait!”

… one of my room mates jokingly said. I remember I sometimes tell them all of a sudden that I never got my 30th photo of me. So when we got the chance to go to this place (for me second time around) I took my pre-birthday self-portrait. Well after actually convinced them to have a photo shoot for a change for new year… a post-new year photo shoot actually. 🙂


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I set up my laptop, sat on the floor and find myself instead watching videos, looking for upcoming concerts to watch, talking to my room mate and all of a sudden asked myself – “Why did I turned on the laptop again?“. Richie called and then I realized I have to make some post tonight.

I’m trying to catch up with some posts here on my blog. I’ve been in hiatus for quite sometime now, even having the feel of my camera seems like ages that I last touched it. Anyway, so much for that. ^_^.

These photos of Haelina, was a pre-birthday sesssion taken at Singapore Botanical Gardens (favorite place of yours truly).


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Tinker Bell – Ashlee

This is a way too late upload. A lot of things came unexpectedly, including me getting lazy to go out and shoot. I just kept on looking at some of my old pictures and wonder when I will be able to go out.

On the positive side, yey! I’m back! 😀

This was a very short but fun session knowing this pretty, pixie, little niece of mine who sometimes doesn’t want to be carried by us other than her mama and her Ate Sally. I remember I only get the chance to carry her when I had a food. LOL! Anyway, this little darling will understand soon why we want to carry her because she is just so irresistibly cute.

A themed photo shoot for my niece Ashlee’s 1st birthday.


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Personal: A Look Back to 2014

I can’t decide whether to make a post for the last day of 2014 or just leave it but when I begin to think back all the good or bad things that happened to me I decided maybe it is just right to take a tribute to the year that has been good to me.


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