{Say-It-On-Saturday} Happy NinaRicci Day! + Week 2 & 3 Photo Challenge

Hello world!

Quite late post for the weekly photo challenge with a friend. Yesterday was NinaRicci Day. Nina&Ricci turned 6 years and 5 months together. Yey! Hahahaha!

Ever wonder what you wanted to do on weekends? Me? There are tons of things that I wanted to do and yet stuck in my mind. They just simply ideas and waiting to be put into action. Sigh! One, I wanted to make this dress that I have in mind for the entire week; put this into coding the website that I have been visualizing for quite some time yet I haven’t opened this editor; go out and have a photoshoot  but didn’t know what concept. Whatda! But anyhow, I’m going to do one of them today. Yepey! Hopefully my dear “boyfriend” will allow me to stay in front of this little screen for, guess the whole day?! Hahahahaha! And oh I forgot, need to clean the room and do the laundry first. 🙂

Sooooo! Yesterday, as I’ve said was NinaRicci Day! And happy day also to my lil sissy and her boyfriend. How we celebrated it? Hmm. It’s just as simple as this…

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{Photo Challenge Project} Keepsakes

Week 2 of my dear friend Zhaylah’s World themed Keepsakes with a twist of texture blending.

“keepsake kipˌseɪk (n) – something of sentimental value”

I do have a lot of keepsakes back at home in Cebu. A simple journal, NinaRicci’s unfinished photo album, scrapbook (I hope my mom and lil sissy kept it) and many others. I love the idea of giving gift made personally by me and having to have a gift from someone they personally made too. 🙂

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Photo A Day May

Hello! Hope everyone have a happy weekend. I’m supposed to be posting this last night but I was so tired after Ricci and I went to IKEA to buy some things needed in the kitchen. We just moved in to a new place, far far away, from my workplace. And there are a lot of reasons I could think of why Ricci and I decided to live here. One thing is that, so I can train myself back to wake up early in the morning, as in super early. Hehehehe! I wanted it to be just like what I am when I’m back home in Cebu. But sadly, can’t hear the sound of the rooster crowing, instead I can hear the sound of the MRT. =)) 

I’m still adapting to the changes, and yeah, I feel tired on the quite longer travel, but I’ll get use to it.

Anyway, I wanted to compile my #photoadaymay challenge by Fat Mum Slim. (I missed 3 though.. :< ) I found this challenge in Pinterest and decided to try it out and I loved it. I even joined again, this time with the #photoadayjune.

1. Peace

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ninacarmina.com Just turned 2

Oh hey! As what I have said on my previous post, my domain just turned 2. Never thought I’d be keeping this alive for a longer period. Thanks to my friend Zhylah, who helped me set up the whole thing and have given me the opportunity to finally have my own domain – my name. *wink*

Anyway, I have been thinking this for quite sometime if I will be able to give something in return for the people who supported me and believed in my skills through these years. I asked a friend on how I would be able to give something back to all of you, who anonymously read and followed every single one of my blog posts; and we came up with a simple contest. Since I turned 2, I’ll be giving away 2 special gifts. It’s special because it’s one of the things I loved to collect.

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