[Travel] Taiwan

Oh hi there!

I’ve been meaning to write this trip as this is the first time I’ve travelled with friends (classmates and dance mates from elementary school years) but aside from being lazy most of the time, I just gave up every time I ran out of words. Which by the way, I don’t have so many. LOL!

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[Personal] Happy Birthday Love

Warning: This post is contains the vainest photos of my husband. Hahaha! He is not actually a selfie kind of guy, he just happened to have more self-confidence than me when it comes to posing in front of the camera. We’ll I guess that’s why we are perfect match, I hold the camera he does the posing. LOLz!

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[Personal] Meet Ami

Ami, short for amigurumi.

According to Wiki, Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Basically, they are the cutest thing you can have. From my previous post, I told myself I will not indulge myself again (for now) in crochet because I have other priorities but when I found heaps of yarns at Spotlight, I can’t help myself  but buy and boom, I started it again.

I found Ami, the cat pattern  while I was browsing in Pinterest. I guess I could have restricted myself browsing Pinterest so I won’t trigger my “too-many-ideas-to-do” mind. But I never regretted it anyway. I think for me this is the next level in my crocheting skills after I stopped it for a while when I went back to Cebu. Although I did a crocheted baby boots for one of my nephew’s baptism. But making a stuff crochet toy is something I consider a next level. Chos!

Ami at Cebu White Sands Resort & Spa

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[Personal] On Crochet and Writing

Last weekend, since I wasn’t able to see Adriana Lima when she had an autograph signing at Victoria’s Secret, I told my companion to go to Spotlight after we eat our dinner. I had something in mind to buy but when we went there I can’t seem to remember what it is so I end up buying yarns and crochet hook instead. 😩😁

and this came up as a project….

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