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Hello people, of the internet, I’m back! Work and life just got busy lately that I didn’t get the chance to shoot more and post. Well, I did some a month ago but didn’t get the chance to really post them. Enough of giving excuses though, let me share to you all our trip to Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve had this trip in my mind for very long and finally, we’re able to pull it off. Husband was not so eager before due financial reasons even though we can afford to go and sometimes I tend to get lazy processing for visa application, so it took this long. But it was all worth it. Just like how we planned for the biggest event in our lives – our wedding – everything just falls into place. Right timing is important, and so our trip to Melbourne was just in time.

I was a little bit worried at first because I was diagnosed with lumbar herniated discs and the flight from SG to MEL was 8 hours but thanks to Backjoy , the trip was pleasant. We arrived in Melbourne at night and my cousin fetched us from the airport. Although it was spring, she told us to bring thicker clothes as the weather was like winter. I told my husband about it but he didn’t believe me and opted to bring polo shirts instead. He had 2 pairs of long sleeves but it was not enough with the cold weather. Haha! And as for me, I had scarfs and more long sleeves but I was not able to bring it. We have only a night to stay in Singapore and I didn’t get the chance to really prepare as most of my clothes were in Singapore. Funny thing was that I did not bring my Converse All Start high top shoes, this should be the right place and time to use it. **facepalm**. Anyway, thanks to my cousin and her husband for letting us borrow their jackets.

We started our trip first day in Melbourne by going to church. Thanking God for the safe trip and finally making this dream come true. ^_^.

Sep 23, Sunday.

We went to quite a lot of place – thanks to my cousin and her husband. I can’t imagine going to these places without them. Although they gave us some time to go to the city by train, just me and my husband.

Then we went to the Shrine of Remembrance. It is a war memorial in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located in Kings Domain on St Kilda Road. It was built to honour the men and women of Victoria who served in World War I, but is now a memorial to all Australians who have served in war. Since the Botanic Garden is just behind the shrine, we went there for a while. It reminded me of the times I used to go to Singapore Botanic Gardens alone and shoot some self-portraits in areas where there’s no people. Hehehe! Husband was holding my DSLR camera and was busy shooting some flowers and a bird. LOL!

Sep 24, Monday, Tulip Farms. The farm didn’t have that many tulips blooming yet but there are some rows that the flowers were so nice they looked like rainbows.  After the farm, we tried feeding the birds. ^_^ It was a great experience knowing that the birds are so free.

Sep 25, Tuesday. Two days passed, we have already visited quite a number of places and it felt like our trip there was still quite long, but in a good way that we almost don’t want to go back to Singapore/Philippines. Hahaha! So Tuesday we decided to go to the city by train. This was the time my cousin let us experience Melbourne without them. For me it was an adventure, but for my husband it’s something he is not so fond of doing thinking we might get lost. (hahaha!)

I’ve prepared itineraries before our trip and have listed some places in the city area to go to and one of them was Queen Victoria Market. So we went there first and bought some souvenirs. Sat a few minutes and watched the street performer and observing some people walking and passing by.

Sep 26, Wednesday. We went to Moonlit Sanctuary and get to have hands-on experience with the kangaroos. Went to the beach and wander around a private vineyard hehehe. But the lady who approached us nicely, kindly informed us that it was a private vineyard, so if we went. We were able to take some pictures though.

Sep 27, Thursday. It’s like a rest day for any excursion for us this day but we went to the city with my cousin and her husband and kid to go to this outlet mall. Husband wanted to check some basketball shoes. But he end up not buying one – reason? I don’t know! I bet he was thinking of the amount we get to spend for that.


Sep 28, Friday. Although our trip was almost over, we still didn’t feel that it was about to end in two days. It was rainy but it didn’t stop us from going to places. Yup, we did quite a lot of activities during this day. We had a brunch at an old-school-turned-cafe (looks like a daycare school or kindergarten) in Brighton.

After that we went to Brighton Bathing Boxes, of course it was raining but that didn’t stopped us from taking some pictures of these colourful cottages.



After in Brighton, we went to the Yarra Valley Chocolataire.

What a lovely view.

Sep 29, Saturday. Another city tour, just me and my husband. This time he decided to buy the shoes and the funny thing was that it was the same design as what we were looking at the other day we went to this outlet mall – there was a price difference of course. I teased him for his choices or decisions at that time but it was not really a big deal for me, so long as he was happy with what he bought then so be it. It’s not about the money you spent it was about the feeling that you get to buy the things you wanted and you can afford. What I mean is if you have the money then why not, right? If it makes you happy then go.

This time we felt like we were already used to the city and that we both felt like we were actually living there. LOL! I think it’s called daydreaming.

We walked around the city like it was the usual weekend for us. This time we already felt that our trip was about to end. For me it was a sad feeling, because other than the fact that once we reached Singapore, I will be alone again. But then again, life has to go on.

Someday, somehow we will be inseparable. **drama**

Sorry about the drama. LOL!

A big thanks to my cousin and her family, including her sister-in-law and family, for accommodating us. We met a lot of people that gave us a lot of hope and continue to dream. Their stories are inspiring and we have learned a lot from it, and it’s one of our motivations. Just keep dreaming and praying and pray even harder. ^_^

Until we meet again.


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