[Personal] Meet Ami

Ami, short for amigurumi.

According to Wiki, Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Basically, they are the cutest thing you can have. From my previous post, I told myself I will not indulge myself again (for now) in crochet because I have other priorities but when I found heaps of yarns at Spotlight, I can’t help myself  but buy and boom, I started it again.

I found Ami, the cat pattern  while I was browsing in Pinterest. I guess I could have restricted myself browsing Pinterest so I won’t trigger my “too-many-ideas-to-do” mind. But I never regretted it anyway. I think for me this is the next level in my crocheting skills after I stopped it for a while when I went back to Cebu. Although I did a crocheted baby boots for one of my nephew’s baptism. But making a stuff crochet toy is something I consider a next level. Chos!

Ami at Cebu White Sands Resort & Spa

I crocheted Ami I guess for 2 or 3 weeks. Had to do it during spare time only and when I got nothing to do on weekends. I feel in love with Ami when I finally get to attach the parts. I don’t know if it is still normal.. hahaha.. I feel like Ami’s as cute as a baby. I have to keep it inside my wardrobe cabinet so it won’t get dusty then just take it out when I want it to be beside me when I sleep. On some days, I just want to cuddle her and want to pinch her in the face.. Hahahaha! I’m still perfectly normal! It’s just that I just fell in love with how I made it as a whole. Mission accomplished indeed!

The day I finally attached Ami’s parts.


Ami getting ready for bed.


Some days I just want to cuddle Ami

I brought Ami back Cebu  but left her there to accompany my husband on his daily drive to work. Ami can sit all day with no complaints. Hahaha!

My nephew and Ami @ Bo’s Cafe for breakfast.


Ami greeting all Filipinos Happy Independence Day!


Time to say goodbye! After an overnight staycation @ Cebu White Sand Resort & Spa.

During my whole week vacation, I always bring Ami every chance I can. I didn’t care what other people might think that this adult is carrying a toy! Walang basagan ng trip! LOL!


I’m happy it’s already weekend! I get to start another amigurumi large cat. Another Ami in the making. Have to think of new name while making it. 🙂

Happy Weekend tous le monde!


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