[Personal] On Crochet and Writing

Last weekend, since I wasn’t able to see Adriana Lima when she had an autograph signing at Victoria’s Secret, I told my companion to go to Spotlight after we eat our dinner. I had something in mind to buy but when we went there I can’t seem to remember what it is so I end up buying yarns and crochet hook instead. 😩😁

and this came up as a project….

I told myself I won’t go back to crocheting since I have so many things on my plate right now and there are other priorities but being silent for a while – counting how many stitches I’ve done, no music so as not to disrupt my counting and seeing the result – is sometimes all I need especially when weekends tend to be so lazy-to-go-out thing or in an extreme control not to spend money for shopping. Hahhaha!

And when I was done with the head, I had the urge to buy the safety eye the next day. So I went back to Spotlight to buy the eyes and add one more yarn for the green color and then to Daiso to buy the fill. And since I was in Plaza Singapura already, I went straight to Art Friend afterwards to buy ink cartridge for the fountain pen I bought last December. It lacks one so I am not able to used it. Then it made me realize I need to buy a new brush for my watercolor and another brush pen for my hand lettering practice. And then…… I saw two journal-ist watercolor book and a journal for writing with the dot guides, and bought them. It was like, art stuff shopping.

I hope to get more time to practice hand lettering. Sometimes I tend to get frustrated because I’m a leftie but I know I should not be sad, instead embrace what I have. There are other people who are good in hand lettering or calligraphy even if they are left-handed. They are my inspiration. Char! hahaha

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