Cebu in 7 Days

Warning: This is a long post, you have the option to leave or continue! Hahaha!

This 7 days long holiday from work, 7 days short to home, was planned since December last year. When my colleague told me that we have 7 days company shutdown for Chinese New Year, I immediately booked a ticket. I didn’t tell my parents about this, and that I have to act as if I will not be going home anytime soon. Few people knew my plans, my sisters, my cousin and my husband.

As the  days were approaching, my husband suggested that we should just tell my parents that I will be going home since we were having some issues on how he will fetch me from the airport. I insisted on keeping it as a secret. There’s one time that my mom and I were talking about the Sinulog in San Roque, that I have to ask her if I have a t-shirt too, which as always, I am included even if I am not present, just so I have mine too. Well all of us, in the family have each.


January 25. We were allowed to leave at 1pm for the Dinner and Dance Party and since I am not attending due to conflict of my flight schedule, my room mate and I decided to go out. She brought me to Fullerton Bay to experience the high tea. She also accompanied me to have a tour inside the old Fullerton heritage hotel, which I doubt I would go if I’m the only one. I must admit, I am quite hesitant to go inside this hotel due to thinking that only hotel guests can go in, or rich people or first class people. Hahaha!


Ok! It’s not part of the plan to walk around Marina Bay area, in heels! Hahaha! But I survived actually. Think everything that happened that day – hotel experience, walking in heels, were the first times.


Oi! On wedges. Goodluck!

Some people you met helps you check one of your to-do lists in life, and this is one of them! =)

I went to airport by 9 pm and checked in as soon as I got there. Bought some make up products for “pasalubong” and decided to buy chocolates (for the kids in Kimba) even though initially I don’t plan on buying them because I know my mom will sneak on eating them and she is not allowed to eat too much sweets.

I don’t know why, but every time I travel going back to Cebu I feel a little nervous. Seems like it’s my first time to travel by plane. Guess I just can’t help but think of the turbulence that I might get to experience. *facepalm*

I wasn’t able to sleep well during the flight maybe because of my turbulence imagination again or maybe because I’m not comfortable or maybe I’m just excited to see my parents reaction seeing me.


We arrived at my sister’s place to return the car and from there we drove by motorbike. Richie said that maybe my father was at the back feeding the roosters so he went there first and I followed. My father looked worried when he saw me. He was thinking what happened that I was there. Even Girlie our dog was surprised too.. LOL! Just kidding! My father somehow, just only a little, ruined my surprise for my mom. Hahaha! He was so fast to go inside the house to tell my mom, who at that time was still lying in bed, that I was there. Well I guess, it’s better that way, or else someone will tell me “magbiro ka sa lasing, wag lang sa bagong gising” (you make jokes to a drunk person, not the one who has just woke up). My mom, was surprised that she keeps on hugging me. The night before I arrived in Cebu, I was talking to my mom about the hotel experience, the Sinulog plans in Kimba and the my t-shirt. LOL! There was even one instance that I asked her on what gift to give to my nephew Liam which I then realised that my mom thinks I’ll be home on late Feb or March.

January 26. Asked my sister in law if she could bring the kids to the house as I am excited to see them as well and to see them wear the hoodies I bought for all of them. Yes, all of them have the same color, including the only girl Ashlee.

First thing I did was of course visit my ENT even though I don’t have enough sleep. This is the first time that I felt so eager to go to have a check up of my ears. Then went to salon to see if I can have my hair curl but unfortunately they advised me to treat my hair first because it is very dry. We went to Ayala to buy some groceries my mom asked us to buy and also for the kids at The Missionaries of Charity in Pasil. I decided to give a little donation for the kids, as a way to thank God for all the blessings He has given me last year. I wanted to have a post birthday celebration from there but due to limited time and not so good preparation, I decided to just give milk and biscuits for the kids and stay there for a while and play with them.

Thanks to my niece Kim’s friend for helping in going there to ask some questions. 🙂

January 27. One of my plans for my vacation is to use the electric oven I bought last year, to make a pizza!

Please don’t mind the burned sides. LOL!
It was only my mom and I who ate the pizza and left only this slice for my father. LOL!


After we went to bring the donation to the charity, we went to Tabuan to buy some dried fish that I will be bringing for the room mate’s request.

Then at night, we went to SM Seaside City and brought the kids, because I promised to buy them toys and I also promised my sister that I will eat at the Seafood City. LOL!


January 28. Sinulog in San Roque. Went to attend the church only to find that the mass has already started and we are way too late, that the homily has already ended. There was a miscommunication of the time with my parents and the person they asked. LOL!

Sinulog parade started around 12 noon. I guess this is the first time that I joined the street parade. I can’t remember I joined before.



January 29. After attending the Sunday mass, we went to buy pizzas and Jollibee burgers for our snacks. Family is going to Citta de Mare pool. Thanks to Dr. Roy for letting us go there. The place is so nice that it made me think, if win a lotto I will definitely buy one unit from here. LOL!


January 30. Went for a laboratory test early in the morning. Breakfast at McDonald. Mom’s Day out. Movie date with the husband.

Mom’s day out! I bought my mom to SM Seaside City. She said it was her second time to go there. She didn’t came back after our first try to go there because it was so big that she have to walk that long.

I didn’t miss this, I just want to it.. Just kidding! Who would not miss this delicious dessert?

January 31. Photoshoot at home with my nephews. Have to bribe them that their father will give them 100 pesos for every good looking photos that I can capture. LOL!

February 1. Last day in Cebu. Went for a quick visit to Basilica of Sto. Nino and to buy a bracelet and necklace.

Every vacation back to home is always short…who would want to leave your home? No one. But sadly, life has some stuff that needs to do. I don’t want to look at the sad part of my life, because I know there are other people who got a sadder story than mine. I will focus on the good, the happy things that happened, and the blessings that God have given me.

I’m grateful I get to see them and maximised that 7-long holiday from work. ^_^



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