Summer in June: Bantayan Island

Not yet too late for summer.

Can’t believe I got lazy arse this long, it’s been five months since I last posted in my blog. I’m not complaining about work got so much of my time in fact I’m just grateful I still have work that can sustain my daydreaming activities – travel, holiday and holiday with family.

So anyway, this night must have been one of those nights that I feel like I’m a writer (LOL!) and my fingers just have its own mind. So….. I’m sharing our Bantayan Island holiday.

Finally, got the chance to visit this island in my 20-something years (hahaha to the 20-something) of living in Cebu and boasting this island to other people, on how beautiful it is, yet even myself had not been there. But thankfully, husband made that promise and made my dream come true.


It was a 3 hour long drive from Cebu City to Hagnaya Port, then 1 hour boat ride to Sta. Fe. Funny how we lived in Cebu yet both of us seemed to be new going to this place. To be honest, we have not been to a lot of beautiful places in Cebu for so many reasons. I think some might laugh at us of these reasons. So I’ll just keep it to myself. ^_^


This was a long time plan made by me and I made husband promise to really bring me to Bantayan Island this time after several failed plans. I didn’t mind not having enough sleep from having a flight 3am to 7am from Singapore to Cebu. Actually, it’s both of us don’t have enough sleep since mom and husband visited me in Singapore and we both came back to Cebu.

We stayed at Kota Beach Resort for two nights and 2 days. We checked out early in the morning so we don’t get too tired going back home as it was a long commute. I’m not the type of person that is too picky on accommodation, just the thought that I get to sleep well and I’m at the beach, that is fine with me. But my husband is. Hahahaha! The resort room was fine it’s just that the towels that they provided to us were a bit overused already.  They have restaurant but a bit pricey so we just went to nearby restaurant outside of the resort.


Richie don’t like to swim yet and I don’t know how to swim. Hahaha! So we just relaxed for a while, waiting for Mr. Sun to set a little bit. By the way, we went there Sunday and summer has already ended in June, so no crowded beach for us. It felt as if the entire beach resort was ours. 🙂




Told you, it seems as if we were the only guests in the resort (well, there are two couples, I think and some of groups of girls)because we got the chance to have our snaps from my phone and Richie’s.


I regretted not bringing my camera since Richie told me not to for fear of dropping it at sea >_< hahaha or getting wet, plus it’s quite heavy, and maybe he thinks that he’ll be the one to carry it most of the time. LOL! Thanks to smart phones and selfie sticks. 

We’re both happy we did make this short trip to Bantayan Island, it was both our first time and we are planning on going back here and go island hopping next time. We did not go to the Virgin Island or the Ogtong cave because it was quite windy that day and raining as well. Next time, we’ll explore Malapascua, hopefully. 🙂

Thanks dear husband for making this trip possible. This wouldn’t be possible if you will not agree of course hahaha, and come with me since you were the one who paid all these. Hehehehe! Hoping for more adventures to come with you!

Here’s a short video of our holiday!

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