I set up my laptop, sat on the floor and find myself instead watching videos, looking for upcoming concerts to watch, talking to my room mate and all of a sudden asked myself – “Why did I turned on the laptop again?“. Richie called and then I realized I have to make some post tonight.

I’m trying to catch up with some posts here on my blog. I’ve been in hiatus for quite sometime now, even having the feel of my camera seems like ages that I last touched it. Anyway, so much for that. ^_^.

These photos of Haelina, was a pre-birthday sesssion taken at Singapore Botanical Gardens (favorite place of yours truly).


I remember having to photographed her before she turned 1, it was a little challenging since she just stares at me with those round eyes and not smiling and her parents were at my back doing funny stuff just to make her smile. But right now, whew, effortless.

NCS_9618 NCS_9734 NCS_9711 NCS_9664 NCS_9657

NCS_9960 NCS_9846 NCS_9809 NCS_9738 haelina2_ninacarmina haelina_ninacarmina

It’s the weekend and hope you’ll have a great weekend!

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