Personal: NinaRicci Goes To South (Oslob)

Our final province destination – Oslob.

As stated we head on straight to Oslob for reasons of going to its park and whale shark watching (even though I can’t really dive and take pictures with them, I left it to husband but unfortunately he’s not into it…hahaha).

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. – Eleanor Roosevelt”



From Argao, we took the Ceres bus (64 pesos fare) and personally I’m not sure where we can stay for the night but I didn’t tell husband about it because I’m confident that we can find a place somehow. Good thing the bus has wi-fi so were able to search for cheap backpackers inn or resorts. The one we first inquired to was already full and the woman told us that there’s one pension house nearby but we didn’t like it since it is quite far from the sea, so we walked back to the center of the town and found a signage of a backpackers lodge 500 meters away. The one we inquired to was also full that day but there was another backpackers inn beside it and we’re so lucky to have one non-aircon room available. It’s 400/head we took it since it was already dark and we can’t afford to stay outside.

This is the view inside the backpackers in Sascha’s Logde. It has a small pool and one can also take the plunge in the sea.




… and the view of the very wide sea…


We had a very sound sleep, thanking God for the safe trip and the safe place to stay. The owner was very accommodating and very kind. We had our breakfast from the lodge, worth 100 pesos, a light one – egg, hotdog, jam, butter, mango and bread. They also sell coffee, milo, biscuits, chips and some drinks and they are not overpricing it – in our opinion. One cup  of Nescafe brown will just cost you 12 pesos.

The next day, we went to Tan-awan for the whale shark watching. We brought our camera (not waterproof..goodluck!), I was only planning on staying in the boat so I can take pictures of my husband who’ll be the one to just dive and swim with the whale sharks.. haha! We were 94th in the list..and the time we arrived they were still serving numbers around 30-40. It was around 9 am and there were already a lot of people waiting for their turn.


When the number is called, one must listen to the orientation. It will just basically tell the people not to touch the whale shark (or pay a penalty of 2500 pesos or 6 months imprisonment), no flash photography (so as not to scare the whale sharks), do not wear sunscreen – as far as I can remember. =)


We got impatient and we thought it would be a waste of time to wait there us on the 94th in the list or rather we got cold feet upon seeing the waves, also worried my camera might get wet. So we decided not to go and just took some pictures instead.


It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves. – Andre Gide


From the price list showed to us by the lodge owner, where we stayed, I saw that there’s a falls. So we went there from the whale shark watching.

Behold, the Tumalog Falls.


But before we reach the falls, here are the photos I took while in habal-habal (motorcycle)…hehehehe!


The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lao Tzu



What you see below is my land…. in my dreams! hahaha




From the main road, you’ll have to take habal-habal if you’re commuting. It’s 120 pesos per person, to and fro the falls. Not bad, it is really a very steep road going there so I guess it’s just right for the habal-habal driver to ask for that fare. Upon reaching the entrance to the falls, which you’ll have to pay 20 pesos entrance fee, you have the option to either go on hiking down to the falls or take another habal-habal which will cost you 50 pesos/person also back and forth. We took the habal-habal because it was very steep going down and we’re just wearing slippers – it’s not actually that far. You will just have to tell both drivers the estimated time you’ll go back – since unlike in Simala, Sibonga where drivers will just give you their numbers – there is no signal in the place.


People in the falls will offer you to take your pictures if you’re alone or if you want the group to be all in one picture and they already know how to make the right photo. Like below. 🙂 I was amazed how good it is framed. 🙂 Well, he did some acrobatic positions with that. Hehehe!


He even suggested us to go up and do this pose.. hehe!


We positioned ourselves on the side and plunge into the cold water. The feeling of taking a bath with the fresh waters of nature – non-sticky and odorless and very very cold.




Husband didn’t stay that long in the water – he can’t stand the cold. I stayed and had the falling water massage my back! I felt cold also but I just don’t want to ruin my moment with nature. LOL!


The bold adventurer succeeds the best. – Ovid


We told the driver to come back 12 noon but we didn’t stay that long so we went back earlier than said. Photo taken on our way back.




Head back to the logde, changed clothes and went to the center of the town to find something to eat for lunch. This was our plate afterwards. LOL! We’re not really that hungry.  Lunch was worth 140 pesos. Not bad, I think. ^_^


After that “light” lunch we’ve had, we walked our way to the park.

Evidence, how kill-joy he really is. He’s not into the historical structure of the church, he went to Oslob to just read local newspaper. Great!


… and here I am trying hard to take selfie because husband above was busy.. I bet he bought this newspaper for the swertres result. Sigh!


At the back of the church. We’re not able to see the inside because there was mass held that time.


Mobile panorama. 🙂


Cuartel – stated that it was built for the Spanish armies but construction was halted when the Americans came in 1899, if I remember it exactly. Teheeee!



He doesn’t want to be disturbed – because it was so relaxing with the wind coming from his back. So I had him pose this way instead, in that way he can still continue reading.


Inside the Cuartel.



.. and yet another clean park I wish our city have… ^_^




“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” – Amelia Earhart

The adventure isn’t over yet.. LOL… I still have another set to post, our adventure going back home as we did some stop overs to make the most of the day. =)


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