Personal: A Look Back to 2014

I can’t decide whether to make a post for the last day of 2014 or just leave it but when I begin to think back all the good or bad things that happened to me I decided maybe it is just right to take a tribute to the year that has been good to me.


I started believing in good year or bad year last 2 years ago when I made some random decisions that I think I regretted but on the other hand happy to have done it. Unsa man jud?

I started the year jobless. Honestly it is not easy – I had to fight with my inner self not to loose hope and bring back self-confidence in me. My family were trying their best to encourage me, to just let me do the things I want to do. My husband he became my enemy, sometimes, because I always felt that he’s looking down on me for doing decisions that I can’t stand on accepting the consequences. But then, all these were just part of the many challenges in life. I have learned that people (my family and friends) can’t do the things for you – you have to bring yourself up. They’re just there to support you, encourage you, catch you and celebrate with you when you become successful in what you really want to do.


God has been the source of my strength together with my family in bringing myself back to being someone who have the passion to dream. I felt like I’ve stopped dreaming and setting goals.

I had the best birthday, a simple celebration sponsored by my little sister and an unexpected gift from her husband – a new lens. I have learned to laugh at my nothingness, joke about the mistakes I’ve done in the past and just laugh, simply laugh. 🙂


With constant reminders that I still have that fighter in me, from my family specially my husband, I started to bring that back. I have awaken the giant in me. ^_^. I started to believe that I am unique and people have different paths to take and mine just have to undergo a very rocky, challenging path and I need to move on so I will be able to see what is in store for me at the end of this struggles. I have learned that my siblings are the very best in telling positive words for me. 🙂


I have learned to appreciate the time spend with love ones. The many occasions that I am able to attend to, which before I never get the chance to celebrate with them. The feeling that with the absence of work/job, I have been a great help to my family.

I’m a very grateful that before 2014 ends, I have found hope. Met new friends from school and from extended friends. I have learned to look at things in different ways, not just on one side because life has a lot to offer.


I’ll keep on dreaming – that one day, I’ll get to see myself and my husband to the place we want to go. 😉

Thank you friends (you know who you are), my ever supportive and understanding family, and ever so patience husband.


You are all the reason why I become a strong, happy woman.

Let’s keep the ball rolling in 2015.

Happy New Year!

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