{E-Session} Aila + Novie and a little story…

Oh hello! I’m back! Quite long been on hiatus. And that made me miss blogging! Well actually, I have so much to blog but I’m controlling myself (ooows?!) from doing so because I have other priorities (again!). So I’m just leaving a quick post (really?!) to what I’ve been up to the past few days, weeks and months! 🙂


September 14, 2013. My little sister finally got married.. ^_^.  I said “finally” because the experiences we’ve had during the preparation was not that easy. Whew! I know some of the couples getting married also experienced this one, especially those who didn’t asked for the help of a wedding coordinator/organizer/planner. Well, I’m actually part of the “not-so-easy-experience”…hehehe.

So, part of the preparation was to have them an engagement session. And as a big sister I volunteered to shoot, since I’m always eager to do an engagement session long before I knew they were getting married. =) Since, I am not given an opportunity to be married in church (which hopefully soon! 🙂 ), I took the role of a wedding planner! Oh di ba?! I made their wedding invitation (aheem!) and help them look for the dresses of the bridesmaids and other stuff! Going out to inquire some things that we needed, which sometimes took us one whole day, was quite tiresome but seeing the outcome somehow brings up the “draining” energy a bit. Sometimes, we just can’t help but get sensitive at each other’s words that come from each other’s mouth, you know, things that people say when tired! But that has passed and glad we made it till the day of the wedding.


It was fun making the invitation (and the souvenir’s tags) because I’m learning new things at the same time. 🙂 Finding the right paper was not that easy and good thing our neighbor has this cheap printing, I just negotiated him to raise a bit in case the printer gets destroyed for printing a hard papers (hahaha! that skills of mine in negotiating is epic fail! I negotiated instead of 4 pesos per print to 8 pesos…lol! But that was ok, it’s really much lesser compared to printing centers). 

I don’t know if I should be telling the things that happened on the day of the wedding, but..well ok.. I will.. LOL! On the day of the wedding, at the church, people started panicking because there’s no one to help us prepare the entourage, plus I was late, which I was supposed to be there earlier. (They quite expected me to be the coordinator..lol! ). Thank goodness, some of our relatives were there to help us, though part of the wedding mass, which was the offering didn’t quite turn out well but overall, it was a success!

At the reception, dance practiced the night before, went well. Though there’s a little bit of a hurry, because the time was limited, but the celebration was perfectly a success! Thanks God for that!

And so before that hectic day happened, here are the pictures I took during their engagement sessions, which first I did alone and the second session was with EyeRonick team.


DSC_0914DSC_0917-collage DSC_0925 DSC_0932

DSC_0944 DSC_0952


DSC_1022-copy DSC_1011-copy

DSC_1044-copy DSC_1058-copy


DSC_1120-copy DSC_1131-copy


DSC_1960 DSC_1966

DSC_1988 DSC_2144


And that was it! 🙂

I hope that they’ll remain strong as one now that they’re together, inseparable! 🙂

Congrats little sister and Novie! 🙂

Til then!

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