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Forgive me for posting this too late! I’ve made a promise to someone that I’d take my photography slow for the meantime so that I can concentrate on something with higher priority than this. 🙂  I did post some of the pictures though in my previous post.

Anyway, as we all know that May is the month for supermoms out there, I decided to set up an indoor studio in our house (since mom is not into eating out plus I’m on a tight budget! hehehe) for a photoshoot session with the moms I love. I bought a cake and since the intended recipient is on a very strict diet of avoiding sugar, I was the only one eating it…yes, I almost ate half of the cake! LOL! 

The day before Mother’s Day, my nieces Kim and Kom and nephew David helped me with our DIY paper rose flowers. It was fun because it’s our first try on making the paper flower and it was a success and I love how the kids enjoyed making it also. Actually, we did make quite a lot of tries before we perfectly made it. We made a total of 4 paper bouquets. Whew!


 I had the moms prepare by choosing what they like to wear and lend them my simple make up kit. I do have make-up kit but I don’t know how to use it…lols! Thanks to little sister who helped me with the preparation even though he had fever that day. I had her hold the white background at first but it was not a good idea to have her hold it the entire session so she decided to just tie it on the ends. And tadaaa! the photoshoot began…














Thanks to my pretty nieces and handsome nephew for helping me out and to my little sister also for the help even though she was sick that time. The set up above was made by the kiddos. Good job kids!

I would like to think that everyday is Mother’s Day because everyday they make sacrifices for their children even if they’re already grown ups. Just like my mom! 🙂

La la love,

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