Personal: A Letter For My Mama


My mother is a poem
I’ll never be able to write,
though everything I write
is a poem to my mother.
~Sharon Doubiago





Dear Mama,

I wanted to dedicate this entry for you, only for you. To thank you for all the sacrifices you have done for me from the first day I was formed in your womb, I was born and until today, I am a grown up and married. I may not know how painful it is to give birth until I myself will become a mom (God’s willing) but from watching videos and asking some friends who were already moms, I know it is not that easy. That is why it is such a great miracle creation of God, how a mother can bear such pain just to let children see the beauty of the world. I may not know how many sleepless nights you and papa have had because I was not feeling well or I was hungry. I may not be able to give back to what you, together with papa, of the countless early morning rise just to do a living for us to be able to go to a decent school so we will become professionals, a dream you once had when you were younger but was not able to do so because your parents were not able to send you and your siblings to school.




Mama, because of you (and papa), I am able to go to places which I thought would only be in my dreams. You thought me how to smile and how to become a strong person. To stand on my own and not depend on others. You thought me how to be patient and how to be humble and understand other people on why they act like that. You thought me how to dream more. You thought me how to choose the things that makes me happy. You thought me to stand on my decisions.




I just wanted to tell you that I may have broke my promise to you but I will try my best to fulfill it this time, even if I am not there anymore. I wanted to do this big dream so I can make you and papa, happy big time.



Thank you for your understanding and for your support. You’re always the best mom for me and to my siblings, the best wife to papa, the best lola to your grandchildren, the best friend that I could ever have.

Thank you Mama!





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