Valentine’s Day, Everyday!

February 14, the day intended not just for lovers but for everybody we love, we care and we feel worth it of our love like our friends.

Last night, I told Ricci that we go out and have a dinner date after work and he asked me back on the budget! Yes, sometimes he’s like that, it’s either he don’t want me to eat a lot, or it’s what we call “tingbits” (it’s a date usually in the middle of the month wherein we need to budget as payday is quite far and we’re almost broke…hehehe). But I guess it’s the latter. Hihihi!


In the middle of the day, hubby texted that his friend wanted to have a double date but it didn’t pushed through so an idea popped out from my mind. Hubby is all out support with my idea, so after work we head on directly to the grocery store to buy fruits for our fruit salad, a cake, a bread and a plastic wine glass. Since last long weekend holiday, I’ve always wanted to go out and go to Botanical Gardens but weather was not so cooperative, as during afternoon it rained so hard, so I decided to have this picnic style candle light (with the fluorescent lights on) dinner.

Ricci later then realized that he’s hungry so he cooked the chicken noodle soup and the ham. And I also realized that we only have bread and a red wine? hahahaha! It’s a cheap, really budgeted dinner but it’s fun and unique (for me!). Guess I am not in the mood to queue on restaurants, because for sure all were full. I’ve seen long queues actually on my way home.

While Ricci was cooking, I was busy making the props, to make it more romantic? or more valentine-ney effect. ^_^ Made use of the box from the cake that we bought.





Did some test shots before setting up the tripod. Woot! (Sorry about our messy room!)










Hey there handsome!


All set, ready to eat and talk….talk… talk… and eat again…


And oops! It’s just an acting kiss! Hahaha.. We’re actually “bleee-ing” each other behind that heart. We did a sort of engagement shot I’ve seen lately… hahahaha!


That’s it! My heart and my mind was so happy because I get to make my idea realized and hubby was all out support, well, he always does (though most of the time, he’s KJ). And happy that we get to celebrate the special day, in a not so ordinary but unique way, our way! 🙂

As I’ve told him on our way home, we can always celebrate Valentine’s day every day, because we celebrate love every single day of our life together, despite me shouting at you sometimes, me becomes unreasonable sometimes, and you acts-like-a-child sometimes (sometimes ok sometime not, specially when I’m not in the mood of your silly jokes). ^^,

And for those, who don’t have special someone to celebrate valentine’s day with or the special someone is not beside them at the moment, there’s always our family and friends whom we can celebrate it with. Remember, it’s not about making it special just for the day, it’s all about celebrating it every day that’s what makes it more special in so many ways.  Don’t forget to tell them, how deeply you love them.

Happy Heart’s Day, Everyday! ^_^

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