A Triple Birthday Celebration…

… that end up in a self-portrait session! Hehehehe! Just kidding! 

Yesterday, was Ricci’s birthday and I thought I’d ran out of ideas to make his birthday quite special, even asked my friend Zhylah. It was almost end of work day that an idea popped out. Good thing Ricci will not be at home until 12 midnight, so just in time for me to prepare what I have in mind and just in time for his day! Head on to Spotlight to buy some balloons, then to Fair Price to buy additional ingredients for my special spaghetti (sauce recipe care of my friend Zhylah).


It’s a triple birthday celebration for Ricci (yesterday), Mom (today) and Big Bro Randy (tomorrow). Yesterday’s idea is also to  celebrate with mom’s and brother’s birthdays even though I’m not physically with them right now.

Usually, I’d make a slideshow presentation for them but that was quite old already, so I decided to try something new. I hope I made them happy through my simple ways. I’m glad my little sister is with them right now and she volunteered to make mom’s day special, she said it’s her turn to do so.

During the preparation for the simple surprise for Ricci, I felt like I was a superwoman. Whew! While I let the water boiled for the pasta, I went into my room and made the balloons. (not as easy as I’ve thought making the balloons but it was fun for me! specially, when I was thinking what could be Ricci’s reactions when he’ll see the balloons!). After I had the spag ready, I continued my DIY stuffs. Wrote the letters and had them coloured. The table in our room was so messy, I felt like I am an artist! Hahahaha!  Didn’t have the chance to take photos of the messy room because my hand was so dirty that I don’t want to hold my camera… hihihi!

I’m so happy that the universe was with me, I finished everything earlier than expected that I got the chance to snap some photos of the end results, of course lots of self-portraits. LOL!










The birthday boy was busy talking while he’s trying to open the door and I was sitting trying to compose myself to be neutral, and had Youtube play the birthday song. (video coming soon, have to edit it though!)He was surprised to see three candles on the table and the birthday song was playing. He didn’t notice the balloons on his right side like around 5 minutes because he was very excited to tell me some good news. He didn’t even made a wish when he blew the candles, because he said that his wish has already been granted. Wooot!

Here’s the birthday boy! I only got one wish for his birthday, that he may be able to fulfill his plans and goals for us both and for his family. And more birthdays to come, of course! (which means more surprise ideas I need to think! hihihi). 

Happy Birthday BFF!



Today’s my MOM’s birthday and unfortunately, I’m not with them right now, so I will just grab some pictures taken by my little sister.


I hope and pray for many years to be added to your age. And hopefully soon, you’ll be able to come and visit us here. Can’t wait for it! 🙂  Stay healthy and happy! 🙂



God bless you and your family always, and more birthdays to come as well. Stay healthy!



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  1. ngiga ah. superwoman jud ka ninz.. dili nako ni kaya.. the cooking itself kay makaihi nako’s ka rattle.. much more pa ako dunganon ang decorations plus bulhot sa balloons.. hahahahaha..

    Happy birthday to them 3!!

    apil2 sad dah 😛

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