Part 1: There’s no place like CEBU!

I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time and mind you what I’ve been through is not that easy. I have to choose a lot of things whether to do what my heart tells me to do or what my brain tells me too. You know, when you’re turn between two loves. The love for art and life. ^^,. I won’t just dig in into the details as it is really quite complicated.

Soooo…anyway! Hello there! It’s been a long time that I have not updated this personal blog and yeah, lots and lots of things pending to be posted. Hopefully, I get to accommodate my very little “personal” time to post all those. Just been really very busy on doing something to live. ^_^

After quite a long time Ricci and I got the chance to go back to our hometown, Cebu.

Once Ricci and I arrived at Mactan International Airport, we head on to hear mass at Basilica del Sto. Nino, went home to eat breakfast and head on to visit The Virgin Mary at Simala, Sibonga as a start of our week long vacation.

Ricci and I were surprised to see a bigger improvement in the place at Simala. I felt like I was in a castle. It rained that day though and needed to be careful especially when going up and down the stair, they have a very steep stairs which is quite scary specially on rainy days perhaps even when there’s a lot of people. Overall, the place is very nice. 🙂

We’ve got the chance to rest a little at home before we went to Crown Regency Hotel. Yes, we stayed there for a night and thanks to my two dear friends who gave us that gift during our civil wedding. 🙂

Ricci was quite busy checking on his face and I was busy taking pictures, trying to take his attention out from touching his skin and worrying about it. Hahahaha! He was worried that he’ll never get the chance to have that flawless face again. Hehehehe! He’s more concious on his look than me. Tsk!

Guess I ran out of words to say, which I always does! So here are the rest of the pictures that I took during our short stay in our hometown. 🙂

During our stay at Crown Regency Hotel

Pictures below were taken at The Ranch in Toledo.

A quick portrait shot of my little sissy! Did I mention that she wants to be a model?! Hehehehe

 As you have noticed. It’s still Part 1. Yes! I have taken quite a lot of pictures during our short vacation and can’t wait to blog them all.. 🙂

I’m actually not so feeling well tonight, but looking at the pictures on our vacation is a relief from every annoying things.

 “Peace begins with a smile..”
― Mother Teresa

Hang on..Friday’s coming! =)

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