Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth of Perception + Me and the Bears + What’s Cookin’?

Hello World! (programmer’s first example) How’s your Tuesday? I’m quite sleepy already but work and personal stuff keeps me awake that ended up to this yet another vain session. Teeeheeee!

Me? Well, tired but thankful for the work…missing someone but thankful in a way that we get to miss each other…sleepy but forced myself to get up from the chair and grab the camera and tripod and started clicking the shutter. There are a lot of things in mind lately, ideas that haven’t got the chance to put it into action. Ideas that are stuck in my mind and sometimes turned out to be just passing by. I’m glad tonight’s ideas didn’t turn out to be one of those passing by ideas. =))

Stumbled on this quote in Pinterest (addicted to this lately) and it kind of hit me a lot of things, both work and life. Tapping myself for making last night’s ideas happened. Hehehehe!

Mostly pictures are self-portraits so please bear with me. And oh by the way, also photos for my friend’s (Just Me and Life) weekly photo challenge themed: Depth Of Perception. I’m not sure how to render this through picture but the first thing that came to my mind when I utter these these phrase is that it is somehow referring to “depth of field”. Not sure though. What do you think it is? Let me know through the comments below.

In the meantime, keep scrolling and enjoy the pictures. 🙂 *wink*

The first two pictures are my entry for the weekly challenge.

I have long been planning to take some pictures of these teddy bears which I got from a co-employee. (actually, he first asked if I wanted them, since his daughter have lots of toys at home, but I refused thinking that Ricci might not want the idea because we’ll be having lots of stuffs and transferring from one house to another would be difficult; but then later part of the day, I realized they’re cute and so I asked for them.. hehehe) 

It was my childhood dream to have lots of stuff toys but they seemed to be expensive so I just stick to collecting notebooks and scrapbooking. And since I am able to have these, which of course I’ll be giving to my nieces and nephews when I get the chance to go back home, I did this selfy photo shoot with the toys. =))

I’m not really comfortable in front of the camera, yes really!!! Hahahaaha, actually I’m only comfortable in front of MY camera. Hahahaha!

When I took this photo last night and transferred to my laptop, I didn’t want to think that the big teddy was kinda of looking at me. Eeeeeeh!  I remember I told my colleague that I will only get the white teddy and not all of them as they might get into life at night. Urgh!

And so I looked right back to teddy. Not that creepy at all. Hehehehe. I’m able to sleep well last night. ^_^

Guess this would also be part of the weekly photo challenge. This is by the way one of the latest obsessions lately which J.E and I bought at Spotlight last weekend after our dinner buffet at Sakura; this comes with the essential oil burner.

Noticed that the two pictures are not that sharp? And I am so disappointed. I really have to have a flat belly...hahahahaha…can’t stand, I mean can’t do acrobatic positions like lying on the floor to get a lower angle…hahahaha!

Guess what’s this? It’s actually a flower which I tried to make last weekend before I met up with my friend and her hubby for a buffet dinner and which I found myself sleeping in the middle of making this…hihihihi!

While window shopping at Spotlight, I found lots and lots of yarn, with different beautiful colours but I was not tempted to buy one because I still have a few which I bought at Daiso few days back. Below yarn is my next project, a gift for my little friend.

What’s cookin’? I cooked a somewhat half-cooked dish for Ricci. A sprouted beans with broccoli and a half-grilled chicken breast.

And tadaaa! Before eating it, of course, it deserves a picture! Hahahaha! Ricci ate this with brown rice while me, I only ate the dish alone plus of course with the mango shake dessert that Ricci made. Dinner solved!

What have you got on your dinner?

 That’s it. I hope you all have the second day of the week, great! Just hang-on there, weekend is coming! Hehehehe! I’d better start my new project, can’t wait to give this to my little friend. *wink*

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