A Week That Was: Arts and Crafts and Some Selfies!

Haloooooo! Yey, it’s finally Saturday and I’m so loving it. Though it’s not the same weekend than before because Ricci will be sleeping the entire day but it’s ok, will get use to it. I just hope that his schedule will change the next weeks. *crossingfingers*

Anyway, last week’s post has lots of self-portrait shots, played around with the teddy bears. Hehehe! Today you’ll be expecting another self-portraits…hahahahaha! but don’t worry I’m not going to post it here, I’ll just be giving you links?! which hopefully you can have the time to visit. =)

The past few days I’ve been addicted to crocheting lately and made quite a few this week. And I’m taking it to the next level, which is to make a bolero shrug! Weeee, hopefully I get to make it successfully. As the other night, I re-started what I made as it didn’t turn out as expected on the first few rows. Tsk! Will be trying again this weekend. *wink*

I have promised my friend J.E to give her a headband and made this in I think about two hours, more or less. Just got a bit longer on deciding how many flowers to put which I ended up putting only one. The simpler the cuter?! Hehehehe!

Which do you think is better?

I haven’t given her this one yet, as we didn’t get the chance to meet again. Hopefully this Sunday.

The other one, I made before the above headband is a big bow headband for my little friend Haelina.

I have seen her pictures  wearing this headband and she’s cute on it. It fit exactly on her. Yey! I’ll be posting her pictures soon, as I’ll be scheduling another photo shoot on her for her coming birthday.

And I made mine too, hehehehe, this is actually for my little sister but sadly, it’s going to stay longer on me as I don’t have fix date yet as to when I get the chance to go on vacation to Cebu. Sigh! Hopefully soon really soon! I miss them a lot.

I made this one in the middle of the night and finished at around 1a.m. Well, if you’re alone and you get tired of taking pictures of yourself and you’re still on high on doing some crocheting, what else to do? Hahahaha!

And to give justice to this beautiful headband, hehehehe, here’s a clearer picture, I took after I some self-portraits with make-up on (wakekeke, yes I did tried the eyeshadow pallete I bought the other week, and when Ricci saw me, he asked what happened to me! LOL! So, all my pictures ended in black and white and posted it in 500px and glad got some appreciation..it didn’t turned out bad… hehehehe).

And since I hadn’t put my camera back to its bag, I decided to take some pictures of my beautiful creations. Teeheee!

I ran out of poses for my self-portraits and had taken quite good shots for my finished crocheted headbands, I had the chance to photograph my boyfriend husband before he went to sleep. 🙂

And when I ran out of subject, this man never fails to help me. Hehehehe! He’s actually one of my favourite subject. As if I have a choice, just kidding! That’s us! I am the one, sometimes prefer to be behind the lens and he’s the one who wants to be always in front of the lens. I don’t trust this guy actually when taking pictures of me, again, it’s either I don’t look good (which I think, I am not) or I am out of focus. Tsk! But I trust this guy my whole life in other aspects. Hehehehe.

This is how he spend his days even before. Anime addict!


I took the picture below lying on my yoga mat. Got tired of this self-portrait thingy.. Hehehehe!

He is really serious when it comes to watching anime, and don’t dare to disturb him or else… nothing.. hehehe..


And this poor guy needs to take a rest after the whole night working. Tsktsk! I hope he’s going to survive this kind of work (I know he will, he’s a strong man! ). And  it’s only temporary. *wink*


.. and here’s one of my favourites of  my quite a lot of self-portrait shots. wahehehehe

 Enjoy the weekend!

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