Say It On Saturday: Yet Another Weekend Hiking + Levitating Ricci

I’m still up, 12:32AM, Ricci’s at my back playing the Jewel Quest (he’s kind of addicted to it). After trying out to update my main page, I gave up on the jQuery stuff and all, I guess my mind is not working and we came from quite long walk from Holland Village to have our dinner and a latte, and I guess our room don’t have that much light conducive for reading, it’s quite dim. Good thing we have this study light lamp (which I used when I took a mini photoshoot with my felty crafts). 

Last weekend, we had yet another long walk, this time from Henderson Wave Bridge to Hort Park, the opposite of what we had walked a week before last week. 😛

Just recently, Ricci and I loved to do some exercises and one of the things that we love to do is hiking. Wish we could have a lot of places here to go for a long walk. 🙂 Last week was supposed to be a “levitation”-themed fun photoshoot at the old train station but unfortunately it was not yet opened for public so we head to the wave bridge, since one of my friend’s friend has not been there yet.

Ricci has always been a good husband. Hehehe. We’ll I guess he just love to be in front of the camera and I love to capture him as well. He’s one my favorite subject for portrait. Hehehe. He is so game in whatever I wanted him to do. I let him see what’s the concept of levitation so he can do it as natural as it looks, like a real levitation. But sometimes he find it difficult to do the facial expression, and I understand it. I know it’s not easy. Hehehe!


And here are other shots Ricci and I took during that long walk. 🙂

Hehehe. I always have that face every time someone takes a photo of me. I prefer doing self-portrait shots which I took, wherein I know how to make a good angle. LOL! Just kidding.

Meet Ungkil Gumarz, hehehehe.

Oops, I haven’t posted our other week’s hiking from Hort Park to Henderson Wave Bridge. I’ll post it soon. Hehehe. It’s in my mobile phone and I’m not in the mood to transfer it yet. Hehehe.

Happy weekend!

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