A Post for Mamas

Today is special for all the mothers in the world. The real superwoman. If I am currently with my mother no doubt I’ll be, treating mom and my sisters today. But sadly, I’m not, so I’m just dedicating this post to them. I hope they can still feel my presence and my willingness to celebrate this special day for them. A tribute for them, for raising my beautiful nieces and handsome nephews. 🙂

I’m always thankful for everything that mom did to me, together with my papa! They raised me to be a stronger person. I wouldn’t be here where I am now if not for them.

Happy Mother’s Day Mamita! You are the best among the rest and my real superhero, my real superwoman. 🙂

Happy Mother’s day as well to my sisters.

Happy Mother’s Day to your mom as well. 🙂

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