Friday Quotes & My Felties

Today is Good Friday and it’s holiday here in Singapore and that means long weekend vacation. We’re supposed to go out for a “Bisita Iglesia” (Visitation of 5 churches), commonly what other Christian’s do in observation of the Holy Week. But it rained quite heavy early this morning so we postponed it and stayed in the house instead and I did one felt craft (I’m going to introduce her here one of these days). I had Ricci to look for the Way of the Cross novena so we can go to the nearby church but after he did that he fell asleep. He didn’t feel well maybe because of the over spicy lunch we’ve had.

In my hometown today they are having the “Siete Palabras” or the Seven Last Words of Christ. One of our neighbours do this yearly as part of his vow during the holy week. It usually ends 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the time Jesus Christ died. But since hubby and I are not currently in the Philippines and are not able to observe holy week just like we used to do, we just stayed in the house. That’s what I have grewn up also, my parents will not allow us to go out during Good Friday and Black Saturday. We’re also supposed to have our confession but sadly, the nearby church only had the confession until Maunday Thursday and we didn’t have time to go there. When hubby will wake up later, we’ll have our Way of the Cross here altar. I guess it’s not necessary to go to the church, though it is much more solemn in there, or maybe I’ll invite him later to the church. 🙂

Since we stayed in the house instead, I grabbed my craft stuff and started working on my new addition to my felty babies. As I’ve said pictures of her’s will be posted soon. In the meantime, here are the pictures I took last Sunday of my two felties, Pandy Coco and Mr. B.


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