Thursday Randomness

Second day that I get to dominate my laptop! LOL! Ricci’s using it at day for personal purposes and I use it at night sometimes for my own personal use. But sometimes Ricci wants to watch animes so I just let him be so that when time comes, like this, I can do what I want and at the same time I can rest my eyes after 8 hours of working. πŸ™‚

Ricci did some cooking and I was lying in bed thinking of so many things and then browsing the internet and a thought popped out from my mind. I grabbed my camera and went to the kitchen to take some pictures of my hubby cooking. I’m just so lazy that I had him cooked our dinner. Hehehe!

On my way home after work, I took some pictures of Pandy. I wanted to take him pictures somewhere near our office building but I was alone and I’m hesitant to do so people who will see me might laugh at me. πŸ™‚ I find the shots pretty nice except that it is in lower resolution, so I decided to download the full version of my favorite camera app. That which will allow me to specify higher resolutions.

I always think of getting a film camera but then I also always realize that I do have a mobile camera, with quite a number of camera apps on it, that will allow me to take pictures with the same effect of a film camera. I know using a real film camera is a different experience and a different fulfilment. I will be on that when time comes, it’s just that I think it’s not yet the right time for me ^^, someday, hopefully. πŸ™‚ Who wouldn’t want a film camera experience? Not me! πŸ˜›

Moving on. After I downloaded the full version of the camera app I am always using, I made some test shots. And yipey! I have higher resolution images.

Our very messy room.

After we had our rosary.

Ricci while taking a rest after cooking our dinner. Geeeeez, I am getting fat. (dull)

And here are the pictures that I took while Ricci was preparing for our dinner. When I went came to the kitchen I saw him crying. Not because I had him cooked but because of the onions that he chopped. At first he was just joking so I laughed, but I looked closely and his eyes really had tears. Hahaha! And I as someone who disturbs his cooking time, also had teary eyes, in fact as of this writing my eyes hurt. πŸ™ Onions are my weakness. Anyway, sorry about the no shirt cooking! LOL! He just find it so hot in the kitchen that he decided to take off his shirt.

PS: Please don’t mind what’s inside our ref! LOL!

Tomorrow’s Friday and I love it. Got to work one more day and embrace the weekend full of love and enjoyment. I hope so! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

Happy weekend everyone!

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