On Self-Portrait and Weekends

It has been a lazy past 2 weekends for me; went out for two days trying to find what I really want. I’m just kidding! I went out to be with myself. I am not a loner or so, I just want to be alone, be with myself once in a while. It was really lazy that I didn’t get to take some photos for my Self-Sunday project. I hope I’d be able to catch up this weekend and the next weekends to come. *wink*.

Anyway,  last Friday night, instead of going out – I haven’t had that social life, since I went out of the country to work – I cleaned my room, and prayed the rosary and novena to Sto. Nino. I missed doing this together with Ricci. Like every Friday we use to go to Basilica del Sto. Nino to attend Friday mass. 🙁 I miss it. After doing all these, I took my tripod and shoot.  And what other subject would I take for my shoot? Myself! Hahhaha!

I think I’m one of those vain photographers. Well I guess this is just the time that I get to have myself infront of my camera. I’m not really into posing in front of the camera, except mine. Hahahaha! My remote ran out of battery and since I still don’t have time to buy a new one, I had the battery placed on top of my laptop keyboard since it usually gets hot. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy a new one (not this weekend coming weekend though, aside from the appointment to stay the whole house all day to wait for the package to be picked up, I don’t have enough money already and pay day is still quite far! :P). 

Earlier at the office building while waiting for some folks in the lobby area, I took some vain shots again!!!

This is by the way my other photography gadget. I’m also into mobile photography. You can have a look on my shots here. Made faces during that night, since I am still alone in the room, my room mate hasn’t arrived yet.

So that’s it. Not a very interesting post though but I just love to share my weekend. 🙂 And oh by the way, I have updated to WordPress 3.3 and it’s awesome. Great!

By the way I’m also in Google+ Page : add me up in your circle and let’s share information. Nina Carmina Photography in G+

See you next weekend!

I’ll be studying for something so I might be very busy the next few days. But I will still try to make it a point to shoot. *wink*

Be happy always!

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