Weekends and Flowers

It’s weekend and here I am stuck in my room. But one good thing is that I’m able to update my blog and get the chance to organize my shots as of last weekend. And learn something new. In fact, I was able to discover a beautiful Photoshop brush. *wink*

I actually never get tired of going back to the Botanical Garden. It’s one of my outlet of emotions I guess. It’s where I can appreciate nature more. In fact, whenever I get the chance especially on weekends, I’d go. That is when I am not overcome by my laziness. ^_^. If only the weather is always sunny and if only I don’t have get lazy sometimes, I’d prefer going there every weekend. But going there alone sometimes made me sad, wishing the people I’d love to be with were there with me.

So last last week, I decided to go out and head on to the Botanical Gardens. In fact, I brought with me books and sketchbook hoping I could find time to relax and sketch after shooting some flowers. But when I got there, I found quite a lot of people, group of people actually. I guess they’re having a group gathering or some sort of celebration. I found one empty bench and sat on there, watching one group having games.

I’m a bit into tilt shift these past few days. I just find it really cute, it looks like a miniature model. 🙂 The reason I also went out is to test my new 35mm with flowers. 😀

After relaxing a bit, I head on to the other part of the garden and shot some flowers. It was a happy feeling having to see people enjoying and laughing at the same time a sad one, because I get to miss my family and friends. Good thing there’s nature that made me feel like I’m not alone. 😉

All flowers in time bend towards the sun, I know you say there’s no one for you, But here is one.
Jeff Buckley


I was actually looking for the Orchid Garden but I didn’t find it. I was lost. And never find time to really find it because it was raining and I have to hurry I didn’t bring an umbrella and I got my camera with me. All the cottages were occupied by the people and I’m a bit shy to share a shade with them. :{ So I got only these sets of flowers. Next time, hopefully I can go inside the Orchid Garden. I am guessing there are lots of flowers in there. *wink*

So that’s it. It’s how I sometimes spend my weekend and that’s what made me look forward every time. I have so many ideas stuck in my brain and sometime it gets stuck in there until I get an inspiration to do it.

As for this weekend, I have made and learned something – a new logo? Yup, I have a new logo. 🙂 I actually don’t fix my mind with logos, but I am hoping that this will be it. 🙂 I played around with Photoshop and realized that I have a lot of free Photoshop brushes and haven’t get the chance to use them. So I randomly selected brushes and found this cute fairy brush. 🙂

I now have a new front page in the main website. I have also added new sets of photos. Go check it out. *wink*

Have a happy weekend everyone.!

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