POD#1 Perfect


Today, I have decided to post Photo of the Day which is obviously everyday. Hihihi. And it also comes with a twist every month. For this month-June, pictures should be somehow part of what is happening everyday and should have a corresponding song (line from a song, title, etc.)

It’s not so good today, the fact that I lack some good sleep-slept 3am due to work at home as always…

I’m a bit impatient today because of that and as much as I force my brain to work it’s still kinda slow and made me irritated.

I suddenly sang and realize I need a break. And listening to music is just so perfect to break the heat in my brain…hahaha..

Current song while writing this is Perfect by Boyce Avenue.

This song somehow eased my irate self…overall music eases me whenever I feel like quitting and losing my temper.

Anyone wants to share his or her picture? Or wants to ne my photo buddy? Let me know so I can also put a link to your photo of the day. This way we can make it enjoyable and learn things from each other. How is that?


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