Alone & Lonely, Yet Smiling!


Current song in the playlist while writing this post – Time of Your Life by Green Day.

I remember this song during my last day in my previous company, where I left some good friends of mine. It was quite teary because after which I’m going to a place where I will be alone. And indeed, I am. I find myself sitting here outside the mall in the bay area, alone. I didn’t regret at all going here but I so damned miss the people I like to be with.  Good thing I found a place where I can be more alone. Hahaha! Nobody cares, except me because I don’t have a partner and everybody’s having one. Sigh. But it’s ok, I know someday, somehow I’ll be with my bestfriend.

Sending some smiles for you! A photo of mine taken yesterday before I went to work.

Happy Weekend!

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