Men for the sake of getting a living…


…forget to live… ~ Richard Carlson

I never think of having a bigger salary would make me totally happy eversince I started working. I am always thingking of how to make my mom and dad happy. I dreamed of going abroad and have my work because I want to prove something to myself. I have many what ifs but I didn’t mind entertaining them.

Now that I am in another country, I asked muself…have I proven something? The answer is yes! Yes, I have proven something and that is my faith in God is growing strong, I, am able to to realize how I deeply love my family and my bestfriend and how I cam conquer my own universe. I have also proven that whatever it is that you want to achieve..the power is in you to really achieve it no matter how hard it looks and how hard other people think it is.

I know this is emo but I didn’t write this for people to sympathize on me. I wrote this so that one day when I look back on what I felt today I can laugh…hihihi..just joking. Don’t jave someone to talk to so I’d better write than find myself in the corner and cry when I can write it. :-* XOXO.


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