Cebu Festival 2010

May 1, 2010, Saturday was the opening of the Cebu Festival 2010 held at SRP (South Road Project). My big sister and kids, and my sister Aila together with my cousin Vivian went to witness the first night of the Cebu Festival. (Sadly I did not bring my camera).

My first try on capturing the moon.

But the next night, my sisters and the kids went back to SRP and  this time I was able to capture the big moon. 🙂

Second try.

We then head straight to the place where the kids loved to play. I don’t know what this is, and I don’t know either why it is being put in that place. All I know is that it is beautiful… hahaha

Overexposed.. hehehe

and they were like ghosts…I told them to not move…

kids just can’t stay put for longer minutes…my sister was busy texting…

I hope to try to capture the beauty of the fairies wheel as the background of my niece Kom2x and nephew David’s photo..but as I’ve said, kids just can’t stay put for longer minutes…and this is what I got…ghostly effect…

we’ve tried other places…i hate using flash really…hahaha…

the Sugbu building at night

the other angle of the Sugbu building at night

and later part of the night, i noticed that the mood went’s the view…lovely for me.. 😀

Got tired of walking…

The activity will last until May 8, 2010. There are lots of activities in store for the Cebuanos, activities like drag race, motorcross, nightly concert, carnival and night bazaar as well. The government organizer also aimed to break a record on BBQ cookout and fireworks this May 8, Saturday and I’m looking forward for this activity. There will also be a free concert and I’ve heard Mayor Tomas Osmeña mentioned the Spongecola will be there.. wohoooo…

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  1. I’ve been there at Noon once in August… friggin’ hot… – And I was wearing a Barong Tagalog (It was a Photoshoot)… DAMN… I tried my best not to sweat… hehehe..

    By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just started a new contest called Mama’s day out!

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