Family Visit to Mama Mary

Last Friday the whole family with Windy (my brother’s girlfriend) went to Simala, Sibonga to visit Mama Mary.

(The church is under construction when we got there..they expanded it to accommodate the growing numbers of pilgrims.)

My sister Mona and  the kids wasn’t able to come with us because she have to work (their clinic sometimes don’t have holidays) and the kids were at their granny’s house. Since it’s holiday and good thing it was, I went with my family. We went there to ask for Mama Mary’s guidance and pray for the safety of my brother Michael’s travel. Pray for my brother Randy’s success on his plans, for my parents’ health, for my sister Aila’s strength to fight her fears, and pray for Mama Mary and Jesus to give me wisdom in choosing the right decision.

(A view inside the church near the image of the Virgin Mary where people will line up to kiss Her)

Mom prepared our lunch. After sacrificing under the heat of the sun, falling in line to kiss the image of Mama Mary, we went back to our multicab and ate our lunch. Chilled under the shade of the “Tambis” tree. 🙂

(Oh well, after I had my lunch.. hihihi)

My brother nagged on what’s the use of bringing my camera if we are not going to use it, and I also realized that I brought the tripod, and tsada!!!.

(family picture after taking a break after we ate our lunch..hehehe)

“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing”

(Take 2…with Windy)

(mom told pop to close his polo but he didn’t mind because he is focused on smiling in front of the camera.. hehehe)

(Windy, Bro Randy, Bro Michael and Mom)

We ran out of poses so I suggest jokingly that we do the jumpshot…hehehe..and my brother volunteered…ayt!!!

(oh well, I thinks he did this because he’s a fan of Lebron James..hehehe)

(my vain brother…he loves to pose in front of the camera…)

(oh well…don’t ask where my brother above got his posing thing…hehe..he got it from my mom!! weeee)

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family”

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