Mass Wedding

Last Saturday, March 20, 2010. My mom sponsored one of the couples during the Mass Wedding held at Sta. Teresa de Avila church. Since I don’t have anything to do for the weekend, I went with my mom together with my sister (who acted as my assistant, as she was the one who brought the bag for me). It was my first experience to attend a mass wedding ceremonial, and at the same time my first try on wedding photography with a little twist. (hihihi.. there are many of them, that’s the twist.. hehehe).

(the sponsors)

Mass wedding are being conducted by the church for those couples who can’t afford to have a big and “bonggacious” wedding of their own. These are also conducted by the church so that those who are what we called as “live-in” partners will be able to have the sacrament of marriage.

We arrived just in time the ceremony had started. While waiting for the mass to start I took the opportunity to just take some pictures. Looking for some interesting subject perhaps that could explain what each couples have felt. There were approximately 100 couples who participated in the mass wedding. I can see that some of them have been living together for quite a long years and have children already, and some are quite old, while some are younger than me.

(Sta. Teresa de Avila Parish – couples and sponsors were waiting for the ceremony to start)

Marrying couples have a few pairs of ninongs & ninangs (godparents) to stand as principal sponsors/witnesses in the ceremony much like the practice observed during a child\’s baptism.

(My mom was one of the sponsors of one of the couples who participated in the Mass Wedding)

When the mass started my sister and I just sat in the right wing of the church, and I was busy taking pictures. (hehehe..) and we have also voiced out each others opinion on letting the couple walked in the isle, but I guess the church haven’t thought of it, or maybe they just seemed to many to walk in the isle. 🙂

(the priest giving his homily and advice to the couples participating in the mass wedding)

(I bet this little girl is one of the Flower Girls of one of the couples, perhaps a daughter. While the priest was having his homily, the children were playing..hehehe)

(Ring bearer?!!! maybe!!! he has done his role already, he’s tired and he’s there waiting for the ceremony to end.. hehehe..I bet he’s also excited to see his parents perhaps being wed?!!! hehehe)

Right after the priest has given his homily, the wedding ceremony part had started. While couples in the first row were having their wedding vows and the priest blessed their rings and “arrhae” (earnest money in the form of 13 pieces of gold or silver coins), the next rows were standing waiting for their turn.

(and I saw this boy..looking at me…)

(One of the young couples I told you, I bet younger than me, waiting for their turn to exchange their wedding vows)

(and the exchange of wedding vows, blessing of their rings and their “arrhae“)

(Aside from the exchange of rings, the giving of the arrhae (earnest money in the form of 13 pieces of gold or silver coins) is a part of Filipino weddings as the groom’s pledge of his dedication to the welfare of his wife and children.)

FYI: The arrhae (or thirteen coins) is carried by a coin bearer who marches with the ring bearer during the processional and recessional.

The ceremony went out fine, and I can see that the couples were grateful to have this kind of opportunity, to receive the sacrament of marriage after many years of staying together and have their kids finally they are married and blessed in the name of Jesus.

I let my co-employee see the shots I’ve got and he said that it is a great idea to just have his wedding like that, in a mass-wedding ceremony, no more hassle and no worries on money matters. Then one of my co-employees  quoted that wedding day is the most especial day to couples especially to women. And I happened to stumble on these quotes-

Women are raised to believe in the ‘fairy-tale romance’, and whether the idea is appealing or revolting, we’ve all been exposed over and over again to the notion of being rescued by a handsome prince riding on a white horse.”

But with many Filipino people who don’t have enough money or can’t even afford to let their wife-to-be to walked in the isle, I think this is the best way and this shouldn’t be ashamed of. What’s important is that they were able to received the sacrament of marriage.

It doesn’t have to be that lavish to exchange each others wedding vows, as long as God has blessed the couples, and if I’d have to say it…they are “legally” married…wahehehe..

We went home with a feeling of being happy with the newly weds, and that we became a part of the ceremony of maybe one of the happiest days of their lives, because they are now blessed and married in the name of Jesus.

(one of the couples who participated in the Mass Wedding, they seemed to be happy now that they are married…FYI: the woman is pregnant and she must have been really  very happy because they were married before their baby is born… 🙂 )

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