People and Things I’m Grateful For

On my way to the office, some thoughts just popped out of my mind and somehow made me smile. I realized I have so many things or people to be thankful for. They were just around me yet I seldom recognized the things that they’ve done to me.


  • ♥ for everything
  • ♥ for listening and answering our prayers
  • ♥ for being a friend when no one is around
  • ♥ he is always there any time, may you be happy or sad, on your winning and failing moments, when you cry and when you laugh

Papa and Mama

  • ♥ for raising us to be a better person
  • ♥ for the teachings and hardships that made us what we are now
  • ♥ for waking up so early to sell “puto” just to send us to school
  • ♥ for letting all the important and valuable things (jewelries, rings) to the pawnshop just to pay for our tuition
  • ♥ for loving us unconditionally
  • ♥ for all out support in everything we do, I know that every thing you want to happen to us is for our own good, yet sometimes we misunderstood it, and still you insist


  • ♥ for all the help and support just like what Papa and Mama did
  • ♥ for the faith in me that I can do what others think I can’t do
  • ♥ for loving Papa and Mama, that you really worked hard, because we always know that them seeing us on our peak of success would make them happy, because all their sacrifices are worth it


  • ♥ for having you in my life, coming into my life when I thought and felt like every friends I knew left me
  • ♥ for being the very best and wonderful boyfriend and the “bestest” friend I ever have, and will always be
  • ♥ for the incomparable patience and understanding you have for me
  • ♥ for sharing your plans with me and letting me become a part of it
  • ♥ for the all out support on what I like to do, though sometimes you just can’t say it
  • ♥ for making me smile (in your own corny ways) and loving me for 3 years and 11 months despite my flaws, and my being so moody


  • ♥ for the trust
  • ♥ for the times we’ve shared that somehow add experiences in my life
  • ♥ for not forgetting me and for considering me as one of your close friends
  • ♥ for all the favors you have done for me

Nikki (Nikon D60)

  • because of you, I made many friends


  • ♥ for making me irate, life will not be that adventurous if I don’t have you
  • ♥ for making me a strong person, because if not for you, I will never learn to fight and stand up to what is right
  • ♥ for making me think wisely

Those are just some of the things I am grateful for. Some, I think I still haven’t figured it out for now! because there are so many of them. I know writing them is not enough to tell them (the people above) how grateful I really am to have them in my life. I just want to let the world know that somehow in my ordinary life, some things, some people made my life a very extra-ordinary and wonderful life to live.

How about you?! Do you have some things or people to be thankful for?! Do share it to me, I’d be glad to read them.


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