Day Thoughts

Good morgen world! Good morgen Cebu!

I’m feeling just fine. ♥ Early this morning, as I was riding on a jeepney on my way to work, I was thinking of many things. Things like “What could be my entry for my photo journalism contest in my camera club?”, “Did a make the right fashion lomo action? and I’m going to try it again when I get to the office”, and I saw this drunk man being forced to get down from the jeepney, because he is drunk. :), and saw another hardworking man, pedaling his bicycle in the middle of the highway near Robinsons, with boxes of fruits in front of it, and another hardworking man, making his way across the crowded street pushing his cart of coconuts (buko). These are just some of the things that sometimes made my 5-days almost 2-hours morning ride from home to work a thinking or realization time for me. Everytime I see things like those of the two hardworking man, I feel really grateful of what I have now, and what I am now. Seeing people like those two hardworking old men, sometimes made me feel bad, and wish that I could help them. But then, maybe life’s like that. There are those who are lucky enough to live a normal life, there are some who are unfortunate to be working like that in their entire life. Maybe, as an ordinary girl in the society, what I can do most is pray for them. May God bless them, for still striving to live by working even in the hardest way. Maybe they are in that situation, but I know and I believe that God is watching and taking care of them. As I’ve said prayer is I guess for now my only way to help them.

Anyways, I will end this post by putting here sample images that kept on bothering me while I’m on my way to work.

Fashion Lomo ( I got it from here)

Fashion Lomo #1

Fashion Lomo I tried yesterday. I am not quite sure if I set the right values in the right selection in Tone Balance

Fashion Lomo #2

Fashion Lomo I tried today when I get to the office, and has followed the steps and taking the right values for the Color Balance.

By the way, the picture was taken during our team building at Mountain View. This is supposed to be my monthly contest entry on Expressions of Love but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have a copy of this at home, and last Sunday was the deadliest deadline. 🙂

Be the judge. Where do you think has a nice effect?! 🙂

Have a good day world!


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