Project 2010 #14 & Me Birthday

Day 14. Happy Birthday to meeeeee… Adding up a year on my age, I’m 25 now! weee… Yesterday I celebrated my silver years on earth, with a big smile. (of course!!! hehehe.. but it is different than the previous years!).

After 48 years, I finally got to process my final clearance for DOST (I still have to wait for the certification though, follow-up!!!!). After DOST office, I went to SM to take my camera club pin for Sinulog and fortunate enough to be part of the Festival Queen pictorial in SM Entertainment Plaza.

(this is my first shot as I entered the SM Entertainment Plaza
where the photoshoot is being set up)

PS. By the way, this is my day 14 entry!!! 😀
It is an opportunity for me to be with the different photographers here in Cebu, seeing their high-end lenses (which I don’t know if I can afford it one day…hahaha), and have seen some of their shots. Though some terms they use I don’t quite understand (but someday I will…hehehe) I can say that I have learned…hahaha.. Went to SM Northwing, for Festival Queen show (I guess that’s what it is called) where the queens get to walk on the ramp… hehehe.. But unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures because I have to go to Sto. Niño to attend mass for my birthday (one important thing that I should not let it pass by…because that’s what makes birthday complete!!! ). 

 But before that I ask my friend to take me a picture with the Sinulog exhibits background.

(my own festival queen….hahahahaha..way mopalag!!!)
He said that since it’s my birthday, it is his pleasure to take a shot! hahahaha.. Went home just in time that the dinner is served. My brother’s girlfriend bought me a cake, with five little candles…hehehe..we just have to think that it is x5 to make it 25…hahaha…
(my sister Aila took this one!!! bravo!!!)
Thank you melove Ricci for the simple gift, I really liked it because you really think for it (with effort jud..bisag kita duha nagprint ato..hahaha..see that’s what I love about when giving gift…with effort!!! :d), thank you Windy for the cake with that five little candles, thank you big brother Michael for the red ribbon cake, which is still in the refrigerator untouched (hehehe), thank you sister Mona, for the delicious spaghetti, to my sister Aila for the pictures…and most especially to my mom and dad for planning something and preparing for my birthday..(I never prepare something for my birthday) 🙂 You made my birthday happy indeed. Thanks also to the people who never forgot to greet me on my birthday! 😀 And thank you in advance big brother Randy for the crispy creme…hehehe.. hope you can bring for me… 😀

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