Project 2010 #11

Day 11. Day 5 of the Novena Mass for Sto. Niño. The mas novena is for the environment. They give this little prayer pamphlet for mass attendees to be guided by the novena. After the priest’s homily, a video clip has been shown on the beauty of the earth that God had created, and what is happening to it right now, what people have done that result to natural disasters. I hope that this will serve as an inspiration for us Cebuanos and all people as well, to take care of Mother Earth before it’s too late.

I have included here on what is written on the above photo, you might as well want to pray!

Sto. Niño Prayer for the Care of the Earth
Environmental Creed
Almighty Señor Sto. Niño,
You gifted us with the wonders of Creation, and prepared for us a world of diverse abundance. The Web of Life that you established nurtures and protects these precious blessings. Your wisdom is truly resplendent in all creation.
Together with all these gifts, you gave us intelligence, will, and the mandate to take care of Mother Earth, that she may not only remain whole, but continue to be healthy and prosper as she provides for us all.
But over the last generations, we have turned against Mother Earth and traded the gifts of creation for fascinating things that do not last.
For the sake of comfort and convenience, we have poisoned the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the soil that gives us our food. We have wiped out the forests for its timber, and wonder why animals have become extinct, and why landslides and flash floods have become common occurrence. We have harvested sea life relentlessly and violently, and wonder why there are no more fish to catch. We pollute our air, rivers and seas with industrial waste, but continue to debate if the catastrophes that beset us today are caused by our human activity.
Beloved Señor Sto. Niño,
Open our eyes and hearts that we may see the truth, that all of us, especially our leaders will hear your urgent prodding to change our way of life before it is too late.
Unite us thourhg the power of your Holy Spirit, that together we can make the decision to stop ravaging Mother Earth; and together embrace a life in harmony with your Creation.
Embolden us with your power, that we may have the courage to stand up against greed and manipulation, to undertake the bold steps to restore Mother Earth to health within our generation.
Dear Señor Sto. Niño,
As we look upon you, with the world in your tiny hands, we are filled with confidence that there is still hope, that you will not abandon us and future generations. That for as long as we do not give up, you will not allow greed and destruction to overcome our world and Mother Earth, but rather gather us all, till we become once more reunited in harmony with your creation of beauty and wonder. AMEN.

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