Clouds are my faves

I browsed through my archives in my computer and found some interesting photos. Photos which I never thought I really love to take, and these are the clouds, which makes me smile every time I get to see the beautiful formations.

I usually ride on my brother’s motorbike in going to work, and we usually pass by in the South Road Project (SRP), and one thing that I really love to look at every time we pass by that road and aside from the beautiful scenes of the sea and the sun, are the clouds. Yes, they make me smile, and just by looking at it, I wonder how it feels to be on top of the clouds. Such an amazing creation of God.

I included a poem for you to make a smile also. ^_^

Smile because it’s contagious
Smile because it’s healing
Smile because it makes people wonder
What you’re thinking.

Smile innocently to hide the guilt
Smile mischievously to make others skeptic.
Smile lovingly to butter up the retaliator
Smile dreamingly to make others lovesick.

Smile because it’s raining
Smile because you’re tickled.
Smile because you’re happy
Smile because you’re idle.

Smile affectionately to show your love
Smile smugly as you’ve done your work.
Smile pleadingly to get what you want
Smile forgivingly to pardon the jerk.

Smile because you’re confused
Smile because you’re lost without a plan.
Smile because you want to
And smile just because you can! – Kaity Larken (from

The two photos below, I’ve taken while waiting for the mass to start in Basilica de Sto Nino. I just love the formation of the moon. weee… If only I brought my DSLR.

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