Cebu – Sibonga – Toledo

This is not a one day trip actually. I happened to browse some of my phone pictures and maybe I could post this one here.

Cebu. This is the Sto. Niño Basilica. Taken just recently, last August 2, 2009, when me and Ricci went there and attend mass. I finally got to have a picture of the basilica. ^_^ I go there every either first Friday of the month or just on an ordinary Friday to attend a mass and hear the novena of Sto. Niño. Hope to have this taken with my dslr. ^_^

And this one is the grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Passionist Seminary, taken September 23, 2008, when Ate Tata came to visit the Philippines.

Sibonga. Very old pic taken last year, September 20, 2008. My mother goes there often every 13th of the month, and so happened that I don’t have work, I so decided to come with them. Beautiful faces of the Virgin Mary really fascinates me.

Toledo. This is the altar of the church of Toledo. Taken November 20, 2008. I was with Madzie and Ricci then. After attending the christening of Baby Cian, my first female goddaughter, Madz and I decided to go to Toledo, since it is just near Lutopan.

And this one is the front area of the church in Lutopan. This is where Baby Cian had been baptized.

The closer view of the altar of the church in Lutopan.

This is one is my source of strength (homesickness) during my trip to Augsburg, Germany. This is a picture of the Virgin Mary in Simala, Sibonga.

Have you observed? that mostly some of my photos are from religious places? Well, it just so happened that it fascinates me, the architecture and the things that remind me of the beautiful Virgin Mary, and the wonderful God that we have.

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