Tabor Hills

Last Saturday, July 18, 2009, my friend Melai and I went to visit my priest friend, Fr. Joshue. While waiting for him, as he had an appointment beforehand, we took some pictures in the seminary. Afterwards, we head to Tabor Hills, and took some pictures there, that is together with Fr. Joshue. We had so much fun, and it was a very nice experience. It was my second time to go there, and twa’s Melai’s first.

This is where we stayed waiting for Fr. Joshue

I passed along with this sign, and took a picture of it. This reminds me, us that all we need is God.

A nice view from Tabor Hills. Fr. Josh and Melai, left me while doing this thing. ^_^

A very nice place in Tabor Hills overlooking the neighboring houses of the different sister congregation.

An angel below Virgin Mary’s grotto.

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