Saturday Walk

My sister Aila, friend Melai aka Ellah, and yours truly went to The Walk, to just take pictures, and hopefully be able to capture a good one. But guess it isn’t enough, and I’m quite not satisfied. :( Anyways I’m having fun, we are having fun.

Event: Car Talk

Here are some of the shots I took.

My first try on photowalk. I don’t know if this is the right composition though. 😀

And they are my first models in my first photowalk try. ^_^

I’m not hoping to have a car like this. All I just wanted is to have a car, that will take me wherever I want to go. 😀

Ahmm.. I don’t know. hehe.. I just took this one, maybe I guess I was amazed on the perspective that the lines of motorcycles had created? haha

Melai, with the glare effects. haha. It’s only because of the lights at the back. Just don’t mind the guard. 😀

And my sister made it also. She is a wanna be supermodel. haha. That’s why she looks and poses like that.. hehe..

I guess the only picture I have on this photowalk, my shadow.

This is my sister’s foot. I decided to take this one, the evidence on how tired we were and sit in the corner, at the back of the hot cars during the Car Talk, and on the other side are the models having photography session. It made us insecure na noon.. haha.. only on their bodies..hehe

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