[Travel] Taiwan

Oh hi there!

I’ve been meaning to write this trip as this is the first time I’ve travelled with friends (classmates and dance mates from elementary school years) but aside from being lazy most of the time, I just gave up every time I ran out of words. Which by the way, I don’t have so many. LOL!

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[Personal] Happy Birthday Love

Warning: This post is contains the vainest photos of my husband. Hahaha! He is not actually a selfie kind of guy, he just happened to have more self-confidence than me when it comes to posing in front of the camera. We’ll I guess that’s why we are perfect match, I hold the camera he does the posing. LOLz!

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[Personal] Melbourne

Hello people, of the internet, I’m back! Work and life just got busy lately that I didn’t get the chance to shoot more and post. Well, I did some a month ago but didn’t get the chance to really post them. Enough of giving excuses though, let me share to you all our trip to Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve had this trip in my mind for very long and finally, we’re able to pull it off. Husband was not so eager before due financial reasons even though we can afford to go and sometimes I tend to get lazy processing for visa application, so it took this long. But it was all worth it. Just like how we planned for the biggest event in our lives – our wedding – everything just falls into place. Right timing is important, and so our trip to Melbourne was just in time.

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The Rabayas

Another set of photos that I get to “capture” (word from my mini twin, Jankoi). I manage to set up two sessions in one go, despite the very hot day and hot body temperature (Just kidding! I was already feeling better that day.)

Meet the Rabayas. My little sister, Novie and the soft-spoken Andoi. ^_^

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